Painting Roses Red – Alice Birthday

Such a great party activity for a Wonderland themed party. Here is the DIY step by step! Here is a video link on how to make giant flowers! I am tickled red with Wonder about this activity. … [Continue reading...]

Montessori travel Math box.

I have my kids do extra school work at home and wanted to give them tools to help with their math. I also wanted to reinforce the Montessori counting materials with traditional math hand outs. I was not yet ready to just hand them a calculator. If you can, rock these fancy bead chains or spend two hours on this method. What you need: Print the Large Number Cards on card stock Print the Number Chain markers on card stock Be sure to work that Michael's & Jo-Ann Fabrics App coupons, … [Continue reading...]

Rey Costume – Star Wars

What a wonderful world when the hero of one of my favorite Movie series is a female that my R1 wants to dress up as. #proudmomma. So visit your local thrift store. Find some calf high boots, tan, grey (preferably) or brown. Ours are black because they were a hand me down. But jedi’s generally […]

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Free Costume Consultation

I am an Interior Design graduate with years of custom costume making and designing experience. I strive for movie/program accuracy, along with affordability. I am offering my services as a designer and costume consultant: Includes but not limited to: e-mail or phone conversation about what type of costume or design layout you are looking for. […]

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Rey Goggles

Awhile ago I bought these flight goggles off ebay and the kids loved them. Over time the faux leather started to flake. I say lets convert them to a pair of Rey goggles. R1 loved the idea, so I sat down for 3 hours while watching anime and hand stitched them. I upcycled the goggles […]

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Jedi Costumes

I love Star Wars, my kids love it too. My mother was making R2 a star wars costume for Halloween and we were heading to a Halloween party and R1 wanted to be a Star Wars Jedi too. (Cause the Anna dress I just made wasn’t cool enough to the party? I did sit and […]

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Anna Birthday Dress

It  all starts off with a little girl wanting a costume, a mommy wanting to sew and a pattern on sale. I like the less skimpy dresses for my 7.5 year old, especially when one is wearing them for Halloween plus it has all the spring flowers. I wanted to make this dress last a […]

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Lamily, the real fashion doll

If you haven’t bought a Lamily doll yet for your little, I suggest you do. It is a great realistic choice of body image for your kiddo. Mine loves her just the same as any of her other fashion dolls. I made some changes of clothes for her as well. There are plenty of talented […]

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Mosquito Costume

     This costume was for school. I wanted him to be comfortable, so he could take it off during the day. I made it in about a day. I had pants and shoes and flight goggles from EBay. I was inspired by this awesome cardboard website. Makes me want more cardboard in my life. Others […]

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Belle Blue Apron

I was unable to find this New Look pattern in the store in a timely manor so I ordered it online. Not only that but the cheaper download version. The ting is, you have to download their viewer to print it. You can NOT print to .pdf. My printer is out of toner at the […]

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Strapless Wings

We needed some strapless wings for a wedding. Most online tutorials wanted the hanger to be inserted into the “bodice” you are going to use. Well my little R1 was wearing a flower girl dress. So I did my best. We had some typical cardboard type angel wings and a cut white child hanger. Bend […]

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Dressing a 14″ doll

Last year I made dresses new outfits for my kiddo’s Hear for hear doll. Loved it. My mother always told me stories of how she would wake up every Christmas and her porcelain doll would have a new wig and a new dress. Best kind of Christmas morning. I wanted to create similar memories. The […]

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