Belle Blue Apron


I was unable to find this New Look pattern in the store in a timely manor so I ordered it online. Not only that but the cheaper download version. The ting is, you have to download their viewer to print it. You can NOT print to .pdf. My printer is out of toner at the moment and I had already downloaded the confirmation code. I tried uploading it to another compuer but I would need a second vitrification number. Pas Bon. So I borrowed another printer to print it out.

Great pattern. Seams lined up well. It has a side zipper that zips down. My zipper assistant ( I am scare of zippers) said it was difficult. Dress fit perfectly. The apron was made by making another dress front and hemming it. The ties are extra long and tapered to give that flowing look.

IMG_1761 IMG_1760

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Rebecca is a seamstress and crafter who loves to create fun, unique and authentic items for her kids and others. She is a stay-at-home mom with two little ones. She and her husband are sci-fi and fantasy fans with a love for books like the Lord of the Rings and obscure movies like My neighbor Tortoro. Feel free to ask her a question or leave a comment.