Jedi Costumes

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I love Star Wars, my kids love it too. My mother was making R2 a star wars costume for Halloween and we were heading to a Halloween party and R1 wanted to be a Star Wars Jedi too. (Cause the Anna dress I just made wasn’t cool enough to the party? I did sit and embroider the vest during the party cause it wasn’t “done.”)

For a last minute Jedi girl costume I put white and blue makeup on her that is hard to see in these pictures. Stretch pants, Thrift store boots, and the tunic from our Kitara Costume. Leather belt worn backwards.

My mother used a vintage Jedi pattern. Our pants and shoes, and a leather belt worn backwards. There are tons of simple tutorials on making Jedi robes. Find one that suits your abilities.

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For a party or fun these C3PO and R2D2 dresses are so creative. Dress the toddlers up to take with the big kids.

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