Fancy “Nancy Clancy” Detective Magnifier Glass Tutorial

Fancy Nancy Magnifier Glass Easy Tutorial via

This is such an easy project. I did it in one afternoon. All the items are found at a typical craft store. It did take a bit looking to find the bag of varied jewels of the same size in one small bag.

Items needed:

  • Industrial glue
  • Craft glue
  • Plastic magnified glass
  • Metallic paint
  • Bag of varied jewels
  • Glitter

The first thing I did was paint the outside of the magnified  glass with a metallic paint to give it more shine and when is all said and done it will look like a more expensive spy glass. I did two coats.

Two: Use industrial glue to glue your jewel pattern. I started at the middle top and went down each side with he same colors. Wait a bit to dry or be super careful and not wait. Kids can’t wait!!

Three: Use craft glue and glue all around the jewels and sprinkle with either silver or clear glitter.

Four: Use craft glue on the connecting joint of the spy glass and the hilt of the magnifier. Then fancy it up with light blue glitter for a book accurate look.

Five: Then as Nancy would say, “Voilà!” Play detective to your hearts content.



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