Comb Over Shower

 I just got back from the cutest Baby shower, totally Pinterest inspired. Each guest got to take home a mason jar with an etched mustache that was prefilled with our beverage. We were asked to decorate onesies. I’ve done this at another shower, but we used mainly fabric markers at that one. Here, we had some pre fab bits, gel paints, and fabric with double sided transfer sheets. Note for future onesie craft: prewash all your onesies and fat quarters. Iron them as well. Pre iron the fabric to the transfer sheets, then guests can just cut, peel and Iron. I did the hat one, do you like it?

We had phrases and mustaches to take pictures with all over the table and on our cupcakes. We were then given a website to mail our own pictures to so they will be in an easily shared location. Ours went to Flickr.
Another parting gift was some homemade chocolate staches to take home. Yummy!
I gave mine to my babysitter, thanks mom.
It was great, maybe it was so great cause I was out of the house with friends and not kids. Thanks for the grown up party. And I still got cupcakes!
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