Sunny – Series of Unfortunate costumes


This was the most fun, most difficult costume I made. I made the Sunny costume a bit big hoping she can wear it again next year. It was made from 3 different patters and a lot of custom work.

The fabric is a gray faux silk, I liked the texture. I also bought a sheer lavender and zipper. The rest are things I had laying about the house.  Some of the images in the movie make the sleeve color lavender and others pink. Make your choice.

Use the same style sleeves from your Rapunzel pattern. Or princess/colonial or 80s style dress.

The yoke is from a vintage sailor pattern like this one, look through your old patterns like I did and modify something similar and add it to the Rapunzel sleeve. Or buy one, like the one sold here. I used the sheer to overlay the gray on the collar as well as added black ribbon to the boarder.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events

In order to have the ribbon arm bands stay in place I inserted a 1″fully lined strip (the same fabric as dress) to the underside of the sleeve and attached the ribbon to it evenly. The “buckle” is a trimmed piece of stiff felt. Next time I would affix Velcro to keep them tight on the arm, the ribbon slid out of my make shift buckle too many times for my fancy.

The tie is a knot of 1″ grosgrain black ribbon I hand stitched in place. If your pattern includes the ties (as mine did not) all the better for you.

The belt I made myself. It is attached to the front of the dress at one end. Then it wraps around the child and buttons again in the front. It is a 3″ folded section of black corduroy (it gives it that rich black look, plus it was in my closet) that was top stitched in lavender to look quilted.
The skirt is longer in the back than the front. Any full length skirt will do. Find one in your pattern arsenal to add to the sailor top. One like this formal.
Before you sew the skirt together in a circle, lay it out lengthwise. The horizontal stripes were made up of the lavender sheer in three different heights. (will vary depending upon the size of the dress) Cut it about an inch to two inches taller than you want the finished stripe to be. Pin and stitch the top of each stripe in place one at a time in order of completion. Then scrunch/fold the fabric in 6-8 folds stitching each one down. Don’t worry if the aren’t all straight. It makes it look cooler with a few ups and downs. Fold under the last one. Good luck with your Beautiful Sunny costume. Please feel free to post your versions on my Facebook page.
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