Dwarf / Vicking Helmet – Felt

For my nephews I made some soft felt Dwarf helmets. I was inspired by the LOTR and Hobbit series. I used some standard shapes from the film and added some that represent each family’s coat of arms. The one shown blow for example has a sideways “K” on the jaw flap and Fleur De Lis on the nose guard at the forehead representing My brothers family name.

Items needed:

  1. (1) sheet stiff yellow felt,
  2. (2) sheet soft dark brown felt
  3. about(2) 25″(diameter of head) x3″ of gray wool suiting or soft felt.
  4. sharp scissors
  5. grade 3 or smaller Black (or brown) yarn + yarn needle
  6. sewing machine

Measure the head for the hat, the diameter and from crown to eyebrow. For this demonstration I have 25″ and 6.5″ Cut (4) identical Parallelograms with 2″ on top and 1/4th the head diameter at the bottom. In my case 6.24″ Sew them together to make pairs then and across the top and down the two sides.


Next cut The neck flap, a rectangular piece of brown felt about 6″ smaller than the head diameter. So mine is about 19″ long by 5″. Then I folded it in half and cut from 4″ to 5″ on the bottom.  So it looks like a boat on one long side. Attach the neck flap to the bottom of the hat starting at the center of each front panel. I cut (NOT all the way through) the panel into three even sections leaving about .5″ at the top still attached. Then I used black yarn to roughly close it up.


Then take the one gray strip and cut it in half. stitch it to the top of the hat seam overlapping. Trim bottom. Take the other and sew on custom boarder.  Mine are cut from stiff felt. There are about (8-9) 3″x1.5″ hand cut hexagonal shaped decals on the gray band. Sew to the bottom of the helmet all the way around with the seam in the front.


The Jaw coverings are cut in what looks like the state of CA. they are 2″ across the top and 6″ from furthest corner to the bottom point. I made (2) of brown felt and (2) of yellow stiff. Cut the yellow stiff into your custom design and stitch or glue (If you prefer it. I personally don’t have success using glue on fabric)  it to the brown.  Then attach jaw flap to the helm and the neck flap, centering it below the gray side seam that crosses the dome. Be careful to make one reverse of the other.


The nose guard looks like an upside down Superman symbol that I cut from (2) gray (about 4.5″ tall) and stitched  my fancy logo (in this case the Fleur) on it by machine then together to the the other identical piece. Then hand sewed to the center of the helmet on the gray panel between your eyes.

Lastly add some viking yarn braids to the inside. Only if you, boy/man won’t feel girly with braids.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a seamstress and crafter who loves to create fun, unique and authentic items for her kids and others. She is a stay-at-home mom with two little ones. She and her husband are sci-fi and fantasy fans with a love for books like the Lord of the Rings and obscure movies like My neighbor Tortoro. Feel free to ask her a question or leave a comment.