Lloyd (Green) Ninjago Costume


My son wanted to be the most “powerfulest” of all the Ninjago Ninjas. So the green one it is. Note to all green is not an easy gi to find.

kids-green-ninja-uniform-6893238This authentic ninja gi is from KarateMart.

I followed the instructions from Mojoturbo’s blog on the red Ninjago costume as far as the head piece and the Pauldron/shoulder armor they are made up similar. Lucky us, we can use the standard silver duct tape for the head band, and debated about copper for the Pauldrons. But many other pictures depicted them as silver and my kiddo said silver.

Dye the Arms, gauntlets and the belt all dark green.

You will need about (100) 9mm silver square pyramid spike rivets. I picked these up on Etsy. Place them strategically on the upper thighs and breast plate in a staggered pattern. Using a pencil and a ruler to mark their places before hand.



For the head piece I got out a cheap (free) fireman’s helmet to cut and cover with tape!


Then all is left are the swords from a Halloween store. It was fast and simple after waiting for the shipping.


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