Hunger Games: Effie Trinket Hair Flower


  Everyone knows and loves Effie’s big over the top hair flowers. For a Halloween costume my sister wanted to be Effie for a a Hunger Games Premier party in SoCal. I wanted to help.

I asked if she wanted me to make her a hair flower like the one in this pic. Of course she did. I had all this stuff on hand, with the last bit of scrap of a gold silk dress I made for a friend of mine from fabric she bought in SF. I cut out a large petal template out of paper. Then cut out about 15 sets of petals then sewed together, turned, surged the ends and ironed flat.


Make a pollen  center using a woven stiff ribbon/cord of the same color  and sheen. Wrap a nice bundle about the size of your first finger.


Spending the next hour and a half,  hand sewed the petals around the center each petal folded slightly in the center and puckered around the center needling through the center. Flip it over and hand sew a hair clip on or a large safety pin will work if you are using a wig.


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