Snowy Owl: Hedwig

This costume worked great for our Marty Stouffer’s Wild America and wife Costume, we tried to look like wilderness people from the 70s. It also worked wonderful for Hedig when we went as Harry Potter fans.
My inspiration for this costume came from this Masked SNOWY OWL, but I didn’t like all t he soft felt on the wings for my little. Here is a Pilots cap tutorial from Sew Liberated that I used for the cap, then I just added little petal shaped felt folded and tacked down.
I bought STIFF felt at the craft store and ironed the folds and Sharpeed the “V” feather marks on it. I stitched down all the shoulder folds to make sure they stayed together. There is also Velcro on the shoulders as well as a small elastic (that didn’t stay well on one side) to hold the wing to the arm, not necessary, the Velcro on the shoulders should be enough.
The owl is wearing white tights and a long sleeved onsie with some white diaper covers that came with a dress.

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