Fuzzy Trees

With permission from Childs Own Studio to share in the work load, I am taking up toy making from Children’s Drawings. COS calls them “softies” and I will tag my posts as such. However, in keeping with the theme of my website, I’d like to title this series Fuzzy Trees.

If you are interested in a custom toy made from a child’s drawing, please Email me with a picture of the drawing for a quote. The toys will be about 14 inches, and depending on complexity run between $45-$65 USD, plus shipping. Here are some of my past Fuzzy Trees.













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Sharon is a freelance graphic designer and stay-at-home mom of three. Inspired by her artistic family, she occasionally builds things that are not made of pixels. She also homeschools and tries her best to eat healthy and live naturally. You can see her digital designs at MartaStudios.com

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