Frozen: Elsa crochet hat with braid


So here it is as asked for by clients and demanded  asked nicely by my daughter. My interpretation of Queen Elsa’s hair in yarn as a wearable hat. The beauty of the crochet braid is the durability. I used as much yarn in this braid as my Rapunzel hat.IMG_1443logo

Click here for a link to my shop to check it out. Let me know if you think I should put more snow flakes on it. There are about 15 now all with clear ice beads plus more on the hat and braid to add that Frozen sparkle. I wanted to keep it movie accurate and in pictures she only has about 4 ice blue ones, but I added white and a few navy and two large prism ones.


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  • Crystal Clark

    This is beautiful. Do you by chance sell the pattern as well? I’m definitely not looking to use it to make and sell any hats, just want to make it for my daughter for Halloween. 🙂

    • Thank you for asking about my Elsa crochet hat pattern. I am currently not selling or giving it away. Keep Checking back, I might have the pattern for sale when I get the details figured out.